"Elevate through Revelation" "Discover Divine Wisdom" "Guiding Light of Knowledge" "Embark on Quranic Journeys" "Empowering Faith, Inspiring Hearts" "Unveiling Quranic Treasures" "Embrace the Quran's Grace" "Nourish Mind and Soul" "Seek, Learn, Transform" "Quran's Verse, Your Universe" "Enriched Hearts, Enlightened Minds" "Empowering Hearts with Revelation"


Quranic Studies

Deepening understanding of the Quran's teachings, meanings, and context.

Hadith Exploration

Studying the sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad for guidance.

Unveiling the Timeless Beauty of the Quran

Fiqh and Jurisprudence:

Learning the principles and application of Islamic law.

Aqidah and Belief

Understanding core Islamic beliefs and principles of faith.

Spiritual Enrichment

Nurturing a strong connection with Allah through prayer, reflection, and devotion.


Welcome to the

Al Dua Academy

Unlock the Divine Wisdom and Embrace Spiritual Enlightenment


"Journey into the wisdom of Prophetic traditions, illuminating your path with the teachings of the Messenger."

Quran Class

"Uncover the profound meanings of the Quran, as every verse unfolds a new dimension of understanding."

Ramadhan Activity

"Embrace the spirit of Ramzan through enriching activities that deepen your connection with Allah and the community."


"Unlock the beauty of the Quran's message through our Tarjama class, where timeless verses come alive in your language."


Empowering Hearts and Minds through the Divine Word.

To be the global beacon of Quranic education, fostering a deep understanding of the Quran’s timeless wisdom, nurturing strong faith, and guiding individuals towards a life illuminated by the principles and values of Islam.

 Through innovative teaching methods and a commitment to excellence, we aim to create a community of enlightened individuals who embody the teachings of the Quran in their daily lives, inspiring positive change in themselves and the world around them.

"Read in the name of your Lord

who created."

(Surah Al-Alaq, 96:1)

Essential elements

Expert Instructors:

Knowledgeable and experienced instructors who can effectively communicate the teachings of the Quran and Islamic principles.

Interactive Learning:

Engaging and interactive online classes that encourage active participation, discussions, and student engagement.

Short Curriculum:

A well-structured curriculum that covers a range of Quranic subjects, from recitation and Tajweed to Tafsir and application in modern life.

Supportive Community:

A strong and inclusive online community where students can connect, ask questions, share insights, and feel part of a broader spiritual family.

Flexible Technology:

User-friendly online platforms that provide a seamless learning experience, allowing students to access courses from anywhere, at any time.

Personalized Tutoring

Providing one-on-one or small group tutoring for individualized learning experiences. Also provide best tutor for your service.

Enroll now and embark on a profound journey of enlightenment, wisdom, and spiritual growth.

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Our Courses

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Quran Classes

eaching proper pronunciation, Tajweed (rules of Quranic recitation), and fluency in reading the Quran.

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Noorani Qaida

Unlock the world of Quranic recitation for beginners with our Noorani Qaida course, tailored for those starting from scratch.

Hadith Studies

Exploring the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad to gain insight into Islamic teachings and learnings.

Fiqh Courses

Learning about Islamic laws and principles that guide various aspects of life.

Aqidah Lessons

Understanding the fundamental beliefs and concepts of Islam and Islamic studies

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Tafsir Classes

Explaining the Quranic verses to provide a deeper understanding of the text.

Parent Review

Amazing Team

Ustadha Fatima Khan
Expert Tajweed and Recitation Instructor
Sister Amina Malik
Quranic Studies for Women Coordinator
Hafiz Ibrahim Rahman
Youth Quranic Education Director
Ibrahim Khalid
Children's Quranic Education Coordinator

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